NEWS: Clarkson fired from Top Gear and Zayn leaves 1D

This week, two big things happened in British entertainment: Jeremy Clarkson was essentially fired from Top Gear and Zayn Malik left One Direction, both of which I care about.

The “Clarkson Incident” (as I will reference to it from now on) started when Clarkson punched a producer over his own petty issues and was suspended from the BBC and the final three episodes of the season weren’t aired. He and his co-presenters were adamant that he wasn’t going to be fired (going as far as to joke with his co-presenters on twitter about what movies could replace the hour slot where the show wasn’t to be aired) as he was the backbone of the show.

This Wednesday, however, it was announced that the BBC would not renew Clarkson’s contract and was basically fired from the BBC and Top Gear.

Then, Thursday morning (my time) when I woke up, the “Zayn makes girls cry Incident” hapened, in which Zayn Malik officially left the boy band “One Direction” to pursue a solo career.

People (teenage girls) went crazy over this, as far as to saying that they were going to kill themselves over it. Kinda crazy, right?

Now, because the Internet is the Internet, memes spawned of Clarkson and Zayn swapping positions. My favorite is this one:

You can look up the rest.

So that is just some news that I think is interesting. If you don’t care, I don’t care.



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