RAVE: I Won’t Mind by Zayn Malik song review

We heard Zayn Malik’s first single this week. Is it any good?

Last week, I reported on news on Zayn Malik leaving the boy band One Direction. Since then, his first solo single has been released.

Technically, it’s not just him who worked on it. It was actually released by the producer Naughty Boy, who released it on Soundcloud (but it has since been taken down for reasons unknown). However, the Internet being the Internet, you can listen to it on YouTube.

Malik hasn’t released any statements or said anything about it yet, which leads some people to believe that this was leaked by Naughty Boy, but we’re not sure.

It has been known that the pair have been working together for a while now, some fan sites even saying that this song was recorded in 2014. He was also seen traveling to a studio last week.

The song itself is a lot different to the One Direction style of catchy tunes, instead bringing in a nice and calm acoustic guitar (with a bit of a drum beat at the end) with lyrics that aren’t catchy.

Malik sings in a different voice as well, reminiscent of artists like James Bay, and I like it a lot.

The lyrics are reminiscent of “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, and they’re good.

The Telegraph is led to believe that the song is about a Thailand girl who Malik was pictured with, who sold a story about Malik falling in love with her. That is, however, just a claim.

Overall, I like the song. I would listen to it often, even though it sounds more like a demo then a fully polished song.

Here’s the song so you can listen to it for yourself:


EDIT: (April, 17, 2015) The link embedded before was taken down because of copyright reasons, so Give the FlakĀ added a new link.


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