Rave: Y&Y EP by Years & Years Album Review

pizap.com14358145422951It is rare to find a pop album with good lyrics, good music, and good singers. See, no matter how much you may think that Beyoncé is a good singer, if you listen to “Feeling myself,” you can hear some of worst pop lyrics written. (EDIT ON WEDNESDAY, 5, AUGUST. After a few more listens, I discovered that I actually liked this song. And no, it’s not pop, it’s rap.)  No matter how much you may like the music to, “I Really Like You,” (Does anyone actually like that song?) you will find the lyrics are plain awful, too.

If good lyrics, good music, and good voices do come together, however, it may be something like Years & Year’s latest EP, “Y & Y EP.”

“Y & Y EP” is Years and years 5th EP, released on the 3rd of February this year. The EP contains four songs with a 90’s house music feel.

“Desire” opens up the EP. We had begun grooving in our seats with the songs punchy synths and cool drum melody, in a house music style. It starts out mysteriously, and gains enough power to show off their rousing chorus. This song also features some of the best lyrics in the album, with a surprisingly excellent four-part rhyme that normally does not come from pop songs.

“Take Shelter” comes next, beginning with a pulsating electronic drum and synth rhythm. The vocals are different than the rest of the album, with a breathy sound to them. The song is a bit too slow, to follow the great opening song. The idea of the song, however, is fairly fresh, holding your interest to the end.

“King” is the third song and there is obvious inspiration from crowd favorites such as Avicii and Calvin Harris. With the added vocals, the song is one of the bands most popular pieces. The lyrics portray an interesting idea of something like a King mourning the loss of a Queen.

“Memo” is the newest song on the EP. It is by far the slowest and most emotional song on the EP. The vocals match the song’s feeling perfectly, and along with a slow piano melody. From the way that they convey this song, you can feel the singer’s emotion quite well.

Buying Year & Year’s, “Y & Y EP,” will be a choice you will not regret, and make you Desire more from this short and sweet EP.

Buy “Y & Y EP”: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/y-y-ep/id960908797

-TJ & KT


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