A Quick Update

Hello, to the few readers of our blog out there.

We’ve both have not been publishing much material for the blog, lately, so here’s a post to update you…

First of all, we WILL publish some reviews/other material when we get the right chance to. We both have been busy with school activities (for me, such things such as writing for the School newspaper, tests, the school festival, competitions, and… Of course, Home work) which have not given us much time to write for the Blog. So, watch out for some posts coming soon.

SIDE NOTE: We have been very happy to see people reading our blog from many foreign countries, so thank you to every reader.

Secondly, though slightly off-topic to what I’ve been writing about, I have bought a couple of cast recordings from this Broadway season; Honeymoon in Vegas and Gigi. Both recordings are splendid, and I can’t see at all why Honeymoon closed so soon. Anyways, I may review the two albums… Who knows.

Lastly, I’ve looked through the blog, and noticed the lack of film reviews; we’ll both work on more.

So, that concludes this mumble-jumbled update.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.

– Give The Flak (TJ)


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