RAVE: Mychonny Moves In

pizap.com14358145422951We here at Give The Flak are both half-Asian. And we watch a lot of YouTube. I, personally, watcha lot of Asian YouTubers, and when a certain one of these Asian YouTubers put out a new mini-series earlier this year, I was all over it.

Chonny (or Mychonny) is an Asian Australian YouTuber, popular for his rather ridiculous skits, mainly about his life in an Asian family. He plays all of the characters in his family, and it’s hilarious. All of this led him (previously, he hasn’t put out a video on his main channel for a while) to over one million subscribers on his main channel and over seven hundred thousand on his secondary/almost main channel.

He took some time off the YouTube stuff to make an Internet mini-series. It’s set in Australia, and they have elected their first Asian Prime Minister. Meanwhile, the police found Chonny and his family’s “secret room”. To get away from the police, they go to the Prime Ministers lodge unannounced. The Prime Minister kicks him out, however the media were out of front, and interrogated the Prime Minister about kicking his own family out. Therefore, they’re allowed to stay, and the fun begins.

Some of the jokes are a bit difficult to understand if you haven’t watched his videos from the past, like I and many other people have, but it still makes original jokes based upon the story they have set up.

The first few episodes are about white and Asian people mixing and working together, whilst the last two episodes play with the stereotype that all Asian’s look the same, and they make it very confusing, but it’s great.

They also have a romance of the main character going for the very good looking girl, and failing to get her. Unfortunately, the main character is rather good looking himself, so it doesn’t work as well.

Other than that, I love it. It doesn’t play non-stop with the whole crazy Asian thing, and still manages to achieve what it wants. It could be perceived as racist but it’s not to me. It’s completely free to watch on YouTube and I could not recommend it enough.

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