VIDEO: This has made me even more excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Sudden Thursday article! It’s because there’s a typhoon coming to Japan and I have NOTHING better to do.

Comic Con happened (somewhere), and a video came out from the Star Wars movies. And, oh boy is it good.

I did an article on 11 reasons why the Star Wars prequels are rubbish (check it out here), in which one of the reasons were:

Green screen execution and VFX

Poorly done green screen and everything being VFX. The original trilogy was so good because everything was real, but the prequels ruin that charm. Everything’s super bright, and super clean. On top of that, George Lucas was actually PROUD that none of the droids and such were never made in the second film onwards. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

I was hoping that most of the props and sets in the new movie would be tangible – which would be easy to do as George Lucas isn’t there – and as proved in this video I’m about to show you, those hopes have been pretty much secured.


I just want the story to be good, so I can experience a really good Star Wars film in my generation. If everything goes well, we will all be happy people playing with our toy lightsabers.



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