RAVE: A Cat in Paris Review

pizap.com14358145422951When “Arrival of the Train” first hit the screen, the audience was amazed, shocked, or scared by the history they were witnessing; the very first film on this Earth. Ever since the train arrival, filmmakers kept striving for another film that would force the audience out of their seats with groundbreaking cinema.

First came sound, then came color, then came CGI, with 3-D popping up as well.

Sure, these things were probably amazing when they first hit screen, but over time, CGI became nothing but an over-used device in, mostly, less-than-stellar films. And no one is really on the edge of their chairs through the duration of these films, now.

So, in 2010-2013 came a charming little foreign cartoon, during our CGI era. The movie was called “A Cat in Paris” and used no CGI or explosions to force audiences on the edge of chairs. Instead, awkwardly shaped cartoons were all they used. And it got me on the edge of my seat… Sometimes it got me literally standing up.

The simple joys of movies were revived in this rapturously entertaining cartoon. It did not simulate reality, like so many films do now, but took you out of this world for an hour with its clever writing, cartoons, and plot. Simplicity is what pushed me out of my seat. The tangled plot of “A Cat in Paris” follows a Cat who is a pet to young girl, Zoè by day, and partner-in-crime with a thief by night. Zoè is raised by a double-crossing nanny and her mother, Jeanne, who cannot meet Zoè much because of work (police). Her father had been killed by the gangster, Victor Costa. One night, when her mother is out for work, Zoè follows the cat, to see where it goes to every night. She sees that the cat went over the roofs of Paris with Nico, so she goes back to home.

However, on the way back, she overhears a conversation between a group of Gangsters. After peeking through the cracks of the fence to see the discussion taking place, she sees Costa, and her nanny/housekeeper. Zoè foolishly falls through the fence, and the crazily tangled action begins.

I have to say that the witty and clever writing of the plot, is the highlight of this film. The scene in which Costa (spoiler alert) falls to his death was one of the most splendidly done scenes that I’ve seen in a cartoon movie. This scene is one of the most unique things in this movie, as small bits of this film tend to feel a tad clichè. (Though it still pleases to entertain.)

“A Cat in Paris” is a charming and refreshing movie, that would entertain anyone no matter who or what you are. Unlike Cats, we humans are said to live only one life, and in that one life, you must see “A Cat in Paris” or you’ll regret it.




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