RAVE: Just Some Mates Chatting – Sanspants Radio Podcasts

pizap.com14358145422951I listen to a lot of podcasts. I tend to listen to them on the way to school because I need to keep myself happy before I enter the hell.

When I was first getting into podcasts, I looked at the featured section on iTunes. Some other podcasts that I wasn’t interested in were there, and then there was one called “Shut Up A Second”. I tapped it on a whim, and proceeded to fall in love with this show, and the group of people who make it, called Sanspants Radio.

Sanspants Radio is a group of people who make podcasts. They’re based in Melbourne, Australia (which is where I’m from, so yay) and they make podcasts, in which they can be hilarious, stupid, and sometimes rather intelligent.

They currently produce four shows, each of them I will review right here RIGHT NOW!


This is a show that asks and answers (or at least tries to) interesting (and sometimes ridiculous) questions about fictional universes. Anything from Star Wars to X-Men, this show will get you covered.

This show is a dream for any nerd. You hear people really cut into these universes to try to answer the questions, and it’s a great time.


Some mates sit down and discuss a random topic in each episode, and often does the opposite of what Plumbing The Death Star Does; they ask questions that don’t need to be asked.

This is the first show I found from Sanspants, and is still my favourite. It surprises me how much they can elaborate on one topic, because I would find that difficult. The original three (Jackson, Duscher and Zoe) were great, because it had the biggest feel of just a few mates hanging out, but everyone else that’s on it are also great.


Some adults sit down, talk about how many hit points their character has, and roll dices for initiative. HOW GOOD!

So they had a D&D podcast earlier, called “Roll For Initiative”, which was great, and this one is just as good. Hopefully it will be a permanent podcast, because it is great fun to listen to.


They sit down and tackle the task of fixing some of the not so good films. Films such as Star Wars, The Avengers and X-Men.

This one’s also a great one. As far as I can tell, a lot of the people in Sanspants are screenwriters, or are able to create a good story, and some of the ideas that they come out with are sometimes rather good.


So that’s my review of the Sanspants Radio podcasts! You should definitely go check them out to make your day a lot more happier.

Oh, and if anyone from Sanspants is reading, I love you Jackson and Zoe, Duscher is better than Zammit (sorry), and the rest of you are awesome as well. I would list names but I’m too lazy.

Listen to our Nonsense (A Sanspants Documentary):

Sanspants Website



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