RAVE: Great Summer, Fire and the Flood & Straight Into Your Arms by Vance Joy Song Review

Vance Joy is an up and coming artist from Australia, and he has been going places. He went on tour with Taylor Swift, and his songs have been going high up on the music charts. And all this is rightly so, because I love him. His debut album, “Dream Your Life Away”, is an album that I always go back to, as it is just fantastic.

Joy has been a bit quite recently, not putting out much new music. However, recently he dropped three new songs, “Great Summer”, “Fire and the Flood” and “Straight Into Your Arms”, and I’ll be reviewing them each here.


This song is from the recently released Paper Towns movie (which I will be reviewing at some point), and it’s a lot like some of his previous songs. A repeating piano and drum beat plays in the verses, and everything goes a bit crazy in the chorus. It is not a failure in any sense.


Out of all three songs I’m reviewing here, this is the song that sounds most familiar to his previous songs. A guitar serving as the skeleton to the song, and half a dozen other instruments go over the top. His voice is more powerful in this compared to other songs, and the instrumental only complements that.


Quite the opposite of Fire and the Flood, this is the songs that sounds most unfamiliar to his previous songs. It has a cool drum beat behind it, and an electric piano is there as well. The good old guitar that we are used to comes in surprisingly late, but that doesn’t mean anything as this is my favourite out of all three.

pizap.com14358145422951His songs tend not to fail, and this is no exception. I love every single one of these songs and I can’t wait for more.

– KT


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