NEWS: “Doraemon” to be aired on UK TV

“Doraemon” is a very popular anime in Japan and across the world, and has become a Japanese cultural icon. It’s based around a time traveling cat who is sent back in time by a young boy called Sewashi Nobi to help his grandfather, Nobita, and to improve the family’s future. And he’s off to UK.

English dubbed episodes of “Doraemon” will air on cable and satellite channel “Boomerang” from August 17th, with daily episodes between 7:30am and 8:00am.

The episodes are from the 2005 reboot, which has already been aired in Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, Portugal, India and more. It has been aired on Disney X D in the US earlier last year, and is set to come out with the second season of the English dubbed version later this year.However, there has been 11 seasons of this 2005 reboot, therefore they have a lot to catch up on.

After a poorly received 1973 television adaptation, a 1979 version of the anime ran until 2005, with an insane 1,787 episodes produced and broadcasted.

There has also been 37 feature films, whose ticket sales has exceeded Godzilla’s, and six volumes of the original manga, which has had 1 million copies sold. So, it’s pretty damn popular.

Boomerang has set up a dedicated site for the show ahead of it’s premiere, with their description being “a magical robotic cat named Doraemon travels back in time to help 10-year-old Noby, a lazy, uncoordinated terrible student who needs all the help he can get!”, which sounds like a pretty cool premise. So, parents; Good luck getting your kids to school now!



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