FLAK: Friday by Rebbeca Black Song Review – Why the song is awful 

On September 16, 2011, Youtuber and Justin Beiber fan Rebecca Black uploaded one of the worst pieces of music (oh dear, am I hurting music’s feelings? I’m terribly sorry). Change it to, worst pieces of quote-on-quote “music” ever heard by the human ear, “Friday.” It was dreadful; the lyrics, the singing, the music, and the video. And now, as the music video has over 81 million views, let’s review it and take a look at why the song is so godawful.

The Vocals 

In the song, she sounds like a robotic annoying-orange. I have to call it an insult to singing. It’s off-tune though using auto-tune, and indescribably excruciating to the ears. I’ve listened to “Saturday,” the latest Rebecca Black song that didn’t have her use auto-tune (and which Kai will review tomorrow. Watch out for it.)  and I found out that she can actually sing. Why she used auto-tune, is a huge mystery to me. So, I can’t really say that she can’t sing, but I can say that the people in charge of the vocals of this song screwed up massively. Had the song been around back then, the vocals would undoubtedly be used as a torture technique for the Spanish Inquisition.

The Music 

The music in “Friday” accompanies the vocals splendidly, as they are both pieces of utter trash. With each note that I heard while listening to this song, my trust in humanity and music sunk. Not only is it pretty much the same tune of another bad song, “Friday” and the backing track is miraculously, mechanically, hardheartedly awful. The music isn’t original. It’s not artistically groundbreaking at all. I don’t really know what the writers of this song were going for, but if it was to make a song as interesting to listen to as cardboard, than bulls-eye!

The Lyrics 

Some of you may know that I’m a real lyric-snob. But… just… come on… just read these lyrics:

Kickin’ in the front seat/ sittin‘ in the back sea/ gotta make my mind up/ which seat can I take?” 

Is she really creating a chunk of lyrics thinking about what seat she should take? Really? Don’t you have better things to sing about? Is wondering what seat you should take in a car one of your highlights of Friday? I say this because, she created a song about a day. It’s roughly four-minutes, and in that time you can only say a limited amount examples of Friday-things. But instead of talking about something that would contribute to a great Friday, she sings about wondering what seat in a car she should take. 

But, it gets worse. Read these lyrics, if you dare: 

Partyin’, partyin’ (yeah)/ partyin’, partyin’ (yeah)Fun, fun, fun, fun/ looking forward to the weekend/ yesterday was Thursday, Thursday/ today i-is Friday, Friday (partyin’)/ we-we-we so excited/ we so excited/ we gonna have a ball today.” 

As she goes on to remind us what days come after what. Now, what’s so bad about these lyrics, is that she has no other way of saying that she is having fun partying, than by literally repeating the words. Truly uninspired, first-grader lyric writing. Smashing your head on your keyboard, and having auto-correct make words out of the letters would probably be more inspired ones than these words.

And that’s why the song is no-good (don’t even get me started on that video). I have listened to her newest song, “Saturday” as I said earlier, and it’s not that bad. It’s pretty decent, really. She could become a good artist if she tried, but, as they say, let the punishment fit the crime. Also, there is no mercy in the definition of the word, “flak.”



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