MEDIOCRE: Saturday by Rebecca Black & Dave Days – A Pleasant Surprise

You remember that song by that 14 year old girl back in 2011? That one with the girl who sounded like a robot cat with something stuck up it’s arse, with lyrics that are so bad you die from cringing?

Yeah, that girl is Rebecca Black. That song, “Friday” gained loads of media attention and is the second most disliked video on YouTube. And rightly so.

Now, apparently Rebecca Black is still pursuing a music career. When I found this out, I died of cringing again, and then listened to a recent song she put out. The one I found was “Saturday”.

I was expecting the stupid voice and the worst lyrics ever, but, boy was I surprised.

“Saturday” is actually good. Like, not great, but a song that I would listen to occasionally. The beat is rather good, the lyrics have improved immensely, and her voice is actually pretty good.

The song features Dave Days, who I don’t mind. At least he doesn’t sound like the previously mentioned robot cat. His involvement in the song wasn’t really needed in my opinion, I would have been fine with just Black, but I’ll deal with it.

The thing that did make me cringe was the amount of references to Friday that they put in the music video. Black even acknowledged this fact herself in a YouTubers React episode they did of this song.

Other than that, it’s enjoyable. It kind of makes interested in Black’s new album that she’s apparently making, so I’ll definitely be taking a look at that.



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