RAVE: “Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit” by Courtney Barnett Album Review

In my opinion, some fresh, new and really good music talent is coming out of Australia. I mean, I don’t like 5 Seconds of Summer and I (and all Australians) sincerely apologise for Iggy Azalea, but there is some good outside of that. Artists such as Kita Alexander, Conrad Sewell and Vance Joy have some songs that I am hooked on at the moment.

One of the people that are on that list is Courtney Barnett. She’s a 27 year old singer-songwriter and guitarist from Melbourne, Australia. She hit respectable fame when she attracted attention from US and UK press, and was later mentioned by the Rolling Stone and The New York Times.

Her newest LP, “Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit,” released earlier this year, was praised high. So, does live up to this appraisal?

Yes, yes it does.


The topics of the songs are things that you wouldn’t even think about writing songs about. From a 7 minute blues track on pondering about mowing the lawn to a song about eating healthy on a diet, it’s ideas go all over the place, but the writing of each of these songs is flawless, and some humor on the side makes it all the better.

Each song has a different kind of tune to it, with a blues type melody in some songs or a rock guitar in others, and it keeps you listening to see what’s around the next corner.

Barnett’s talent is something that is really amazing, and her music is something I will be able to listen to  as I grow up and get through life. This album is something you should pick up and take a listen to, because it’s worth it.

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