Changes on Our Blog

If you’ve been a reader of our blog before yesterday, you may have noticed a change in the design of our blog. We both felt like our old blog format was getting boring, so we decided to change it. I hope you like it more. 

 So, the title of this post is, “Changes on Our Blog,” so that was one change.

The second change for our blog, will become our rating system for our reviews. We will begin to assess movies, albums, plays, etc. by giving it a number out of ten.

In detail, our rating system will go something like this:

1-3 (Flak)

4-6 (Mediocre)

7-8 (Positive)

9-10 (Rave)

We’ve also started a Podcast, called “Give the Flak” which you can download and listen to on Itunes, Stitcher, or RSS. We try to upload every week, and we talk all-things-entertainment. 

 Some posts that will be coming soon, include:

A Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – Movie review

Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez- Album review

Mr. Robinson on NBC- TV series review

And much more. Towards the end of each episode on our podcast, we will announce what posts will be coming soon, ahead of time. 

 Our traffic has been improving, so we both thank each and everyone of our readers for that. So, watch out for new reviews, podcasts, and have a great day or night! (Depending on when you’re reading this.) 



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