VMA’s Video of the Year Prediction (Music Videos Reviewed)

EDIT: “Bad Blood” won the award. Yes, the award show is over. I don’t know why you’re reading this, but go ahead.

See the end of this article for prediction. 

So, the MTV awards are getting nearer. Not that I really care about them. But, this is an entertainment blog, so why not review, and then predict who will win the “Video of the Year” award.

Nominees: Ed Sheeran-Thinking Out Loud, Taylor Swift- Bad Blood, Kendrick Lamar- Alright, Mark Ronson- Uptown Funk, Beyonce- 7/11


“Thinking Out Loud” the song itself is mediocre. It’s an earworm, with some cliche lyrics here and there. But, the music video is gorgeous… for the first minute. Yes, the dancing is pretty darn impressive, but there is no change of scenery. True, the cinematography is sometimes stunning, but I started getting bored by the monotony of everything in the video. I was elated, however, that they didn’t take any closeups of Ed Sheeran emotionally singing the song, because music videos, all too often, fall into that exhausting pattern.

Music Video: Mediocre, 6/10 


Beginning with an epic, and well-shot fight scene, the “Bad Blood” music video tries its best to flow smoothly, but with many scenes which are shot in awkward camera angels, the video feels clunky, overall. Sure, the fire-explosion scene towards the end was astonishing, and as I have previously mentioned, the combat-scene in the beginning was epic. But, with random shots of Taylor Swift walking through rooms, with a bunch of models using weapons, the music video made me, the viewer, misconstrued the meaning of the song.

Music Video: Positive, 7.8/10


Wow. The music video for, “Alright” is breathtaking. Everything, from the beginning to the end is marvelous; the way that they crossed over from slow-mo to fast, how the video blended social commentary of the U.S. police into it splendidly, the decision to use black-and-white for a charming (and gritty) mood. Oh, and how could I forget that final scene? When Kendrick Lamar gets shot by the police, and falls to the ground in slow-motion, rapping a few lines… chills.

Music Video: Rave, 9/10


God, this song is good. It’s overplayed, yes, but rightly so. But, how the music video is nominated is a mystery to me. I mean, it’s not a bad music video; it’s fun to watch, and some parts are nicely shot. Still, it’s really not stunning or anything, because the cinematography isn’t very captivating, and most of the scenes seem to all have the same camera angle. They do have some nice moves, though.

Music Video: Mediocre, 5/10 


Um… The “7/11” music video is like a fun home video. And I kind of liked the beginning, where they replayed short clips of Beyoncé clapping/dancing around. But… No; I refuse to believe that this music video is actually nominated. I don’t know how to put this any other way, other than; I hated this video. I loved Beyoncé’s album, but this video blows. It’s just some people showing off their bodies, twerking, and having a fun time. It’s like all other bad music videos, but a little more creative. 

Music Video: Flak, 3/10

So, my prediction of what video would win is: the “Alright” video by Kendrick Lamar

If you actually read this entire article, you probably didn’t even have to read this part.



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