MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Smosh the Movie’ is an 80-minute Smosh video

Give the Flak Rating: Mediocre, 6/10 

Just like a four-minute Smosh video on YouTube, “Smosh the Movie” would do anything for laughs. In fact, the entire film feels like a Smosh video, but at feature film length. With its cavalcade of wiener jokes, slapstick humor, intentionally bad acting, and awkward sexual innuendoes, “Smosh the Movie” is a instantly forgettable film, that is kind of enjoyable when watching.

The two main characters are Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox portraying themselves. In case you’ve never been on the internet before, or have lost all contact with the human race, the two are YouTube personalities, with a YouTube channel called “Smosh” in which they create skits with sometimes bizarre themes. The channel has um… over 20 million subscribers. (I mean, it’s only the fourth most subscribed channel on YouTube…)

The movie begins with Ian and Anthony living together in Ian’s parent’s house. Anthony delivers pizza and Ian sits around watching YouTube all day. One day, after Anthony almost gets beaten up by the postman/mailman, they receive an invitation to their high school reunion, five years after graduation. Anthony gets excited, because he would get a chance to see his high school crush, Anna (Jillian Nelson) again, and prove to her that he isn’t a “loser” anymore, tripping over things, and bumping into people. But, his excitement fades away, when he discovers an embarrassing video of himself posted onto YouTube. So, Anthony, not wanting Anna to see the video, and remembering “how much of a loser” he used to be, sets out to go to get the video off of YouTube.

They go to the YouTube headquarters, to seek the help of Steve Youtube (CEO of the the website that we named too many times in this review, played by Michael Ian Black.) Steve says that it’s impossible to completely get a video off of the internet, but they might have a shot if they went into the website, and changed the video from the inside. So, in they go, as the two go on a journey through a plethora of random YouTube videos, as the adventure to “fix” his video begins.  

“Smosh the Movie” has some funny parts here and there, and the overall theme is pretty interesting, when you think about it. And yes, they did execute it in their own way, in their own “Smosh” style. The acting is… well… Smosh acting, which is pretty bad. The highlight of the film, acting-wise, was Grace Helbig, who had charisma, charm, and wit in her role.

And that’s all good if you are an avid “Smosh” viewer. We at Give the Flak, however, aren’t fans of “Smosh” all that much, though. So, we didn’t enjoy this film as much as we could’ve, if we were fanatics of this sort of thing.

The movie’s jokes were pretty much the same jokes used in all Smosh videos. Some of them were still funny, but most of the jokes fell flat, as we’ve both heard them before. They’ve beaten an already dead horse even more. Kind of like, “Minions” where they kept repeating the same old jokes, but “Smosh the Movie” is much better than that piece of… film.

The movie has potential if it was in the hands of someone who doesn’t have an audience who expect things they have already seen. It felt like the movie was trapped in a formulaic box of traditional Smosh exercises. And that’s where it falls short.

-KT & TJ


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