ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Cry Baby’ by Melanie Martinez 

Give The Flak Rating: Rave, 10/10

Tyus and I were looking for new and bad music to review, we could not find an already released pop album that we hated, but we did find one that we loved. And that’s Cry Baby, the debut album from Melanie Martinez.

Melanie Martinez is an American singer, songwriter and photographer. She became a contestant on the voice in 2012. She made it to week five. After the show, Martinez started working on her own material. In 2014, she was signed to Atlantic records and went on tour. She released her first EP, “Dollhouse”, on May 19, 2014. She released several singles from the album “Cry Baby” early this year, before releasing it on July 2 this year.

This album is weird but quirky, and a bit creepy. The album has a theme of weird child themes, a bit of pedophilia and sexual references, but that doesn’t mean anything.

The lyrics use a bright and light slate (which is being a child, kiddish themes etc) to draw dark paintings (references to plastic surgery, sex, drugs, pedophilia etc). It’s an interesting way of writing lyrics that I have never seen before.

I’m not a huge fan of hip-hop or pop, but this album uses interesting beats to make the album very fresh. Continuing with the kiddish theme in some songs, others with regular hip-hop beats. One of my favourite beats is in “Soap”, which has an interesting bubbly and soapy sounding bridge between chorus and the next verse.

It’s an album that’s very different, but amazingly good. It’s got very intriguing lyrics and very interesting beats with great production,  which makes it a joy to listen to. It’s one of my contenders for album of the year.

TYUS’S TAKE: She’s extremely unique. Her songs are fun to listen to, and her interesting voice makes it all the much better. Lyrically, her songs are ingenious. With songs about how everybody thinks that her family is perfect, and her parents not wanting anyone to know that they’re actually really messed up, comparing it to a “Doll House,” Melanie Martinez is a brilliant writer. The production is amazing, and I look for award to more records by her in the future. My favorite tracks in this album, are the catchy “Cry Baby,” the clever “Doll House,” and the upbeat “Play Date” (only on Deluxe version.)

I too, similar to Kai, am not too much of a pop or hip-hop person, but this album in one to listen to. 

-KT & TJ


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