MOVIE REVIEW: ‘All About Eve’ is a Swell Oldie (Podcast Transcript)  

This is a review excerpted from episode two of our podcast. Check it out here:

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TYUS: In case you don’t know what All About Eve is, it’s a movie pretty much about Eve Herrington, who is a manipulator. She gives herself this really sad back story to a broadway diva named Margo Channing, played by Bette Davis, who was wonderful. Margo Channing decides to take her under her wing, but, little does she know, that Eve-

KAI: AAAAAA, spoilers!

TYUS: -will become something.

KAI: Spoliers. You should totally see it. Although I’m not really for people giving spoiler warnings on older movies, this one is old enough that not everyone has seen it.

TYUS: It’s an old movie, and it’s pretty charming too.

KAI: I’ve only got three notes here, I don’t know what I was doing. Anyway, it’s got traditional old movie traits, such as a long title credits sequence, begins with narration and someone telling their life story. BUT, considering all that, this is some of best writing I have ever had the joy of listening and watching in my life. It’s just stunning. It’s perfect writing. As an aspiring screenwriter, I just want to get a digital copy of the script and salivate. Also, for the time period that they’re in, they portray women in a very raw and honest fashion. I saw some description that said “it’s about the women and the men who control them” and that’s a very true description of what the movie is.

TYUS: I really liked it too, great writing. The final scene is what I thought the highlight of the movie was, in which it represents the entire theme of the movie, which is “what goes around, comes around.” You have to see for yourself, I can’t explain it here, just go watch the movie.

KAI: I mean, it’s not for everyone, but for people like us who appreciate a good story-

TYUS: Just go in open minded. It is easy to watch, but you have to pay attention. It is really entertaining too.


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