Lyrics to Sunday by Rebecca Black

So, she made the godforsaken Friday, and the decent Saturday. We’ll just have to wait for her Sunday song. But, here’s an idea for your lyrics, Rebecca Black.


It’s 11:00 AM waking up from my bed
Thoughts of Homework spinning through my head
I had English, Math, and Science
History, and oh crap… SAT’s.

I walk out of my room, and see my family
I wonder why they’re all shouting at me?
Was it a bad idea to tell them that
I haven’t studied a thing for my SAT

I got to get my bowl of cereal
But oh no! There’s no more cereal
I’ll just drink some milk!
Oh what the **** is in this? Vodka?

It’s Sunday, Sunday, got to get the newspapers
For the people in my room, who are gapers
What are they looking at? (Hey!)
Are they still in disbelief  that (Hey!)
I haven’t studied a single thing for my SAT? (Hey!)

My parents locked me in my room!
They want me to sleep, I assume
So I call all my friends


And I don’t really know where this song is going…




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