SONG REVIEW: Cheerleader – Pentatonix (OMI Cover)

Pentatonix is back with another cover of some pop song! Usually, they take the songs that I find awful and make it amazing, which is why they’re one of my favourite bands. How does their cover of “Cheerleader” by OMI (Felix Jaehn Remix – not that it means anything, as far as I can tell the original and the remix sound the same) stack up to their other covers.

Quick introductions: Cheerleader is the song by OMI and was later remixed by Felix Jaehn. It’s not a bad song, with a nice beat and repetitive but good, and surprisingly not sexualised lyrics.

Pentatonix is a five-person a cappella band, who one the American reality TV show “The Sing Off,” and went on to post covers on their YouTube channel, which has over 8 million subscribers. They then released three EP’s and two albums (one of which – “That’s Christmas to Me” made Platinum in America and was the highest selling holiday album of 2014), also winning a Grammy award for “Best Arrangement”. They have a new album coming out in October this year.

They are known for their interesting and impressive arrangements, which consists of beat boxing, vocal bass, and three vocalists.

Pentatonix put out their cover of Cheerleader a few weeks ago now, and now I’ve had some time to listen to it, here’s my review.

I’m not a big fan of the original song, and I’m not sure why. I find the song a bit repetitive. This cover manages to fix it, putting in a breakdown halfway through the song, which makes the song more interesting.

Pentatonix have always been the best for cool arrangements, and this is no different. It goes along the same tune as the original, but adds some new things that makes sound more original.

All in all, this is a good cover. Whilst it isn’t the best thing they’ve ever done, they live up to the expectation of other songs.

Give The Flak Rating: Positive, 7/10



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