ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Ratchet’ by Shamir is Irresistible 

Give the Flak’s Rating: Rave, Writers Choice 8.7/10

The ten-track album, by post-gendered singer/songwriter, Shamir, “Ratchet” is dance music for the new generation. Oh sure, you have a lot of other dance music coming out of our generation that’s either awful or splendid, but…. I guess, what I mean by saying that “Ratchet” has the dance music for our generation is that, the music feels new, and the artist that’s putting it out (Shamir) is such a… 21st Century person. (Though he was born in the last century.)

What I’m saying is that Shamir shows no sign of conservative thoughts in his music. He’s post-gender, and proud of it. He doesn’t care about the critics, it seems. His music is something fresh, by breaking stereotypes, and is simply  fun to listen to. Shamir’s music makes me want to get up and dance. So, in that respect, I believe that Shamir’s music is dance music for the new generation.

Anyways, to put it bluntly, “Ratchet” is just plain fun. It’s unique, yes, but very fun to listen to. When I first downloaded album, I couldn’t stop listening to it; I was addicted. The gummy sounds, the synths, the vocals, the lyrics, the melodies, and oh, just everything made the album impossible to dislike.

From the upbeat “On the Regular,” to the emotional “Darker,” “Ratchet” is an album to pick up and listen to. If you can’t find at least one song that you can listen to on repeat, then you aren’t human.




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