TELEVISION: Doctor Who Season 9 Teaser Trailer – Impressions

I’m a big Doctor Who fan. I think the show is absolutely amazing. Some of the writing and characters are amazing, and it’s the kind of sci-fi I really enjoy.

Doctor Who is the BBC sci-fi television show that circles around a time-travelling, human looking alien and his human companion. They go around space and time saving people and planets.

It has been running for over 50 years now, with two different versions, the old version and the new version. The new version, which is popular at the moment, has got eight seasons, with a ninth coming later this month.

I didn’t really like the eighth season. I don’t like the new doctor (played by Peter Capaldi), and it’s way too serious for me. I loved Matt Smith and his interpretation of the character, and coming from him to the new doctor made him unlikable.

So, earlier this year, the BBC dropped a new teaser trailer. What is my opinion?


I don’t want dark and serious Doctor Who, I want fun and happy with a little bit of serious Doctor Who. It looks like some sort of epic action film, not a comedy action film, which is what I want.

I will watch the new season. I have to make sure this isn’t just a face that the trailer is putting on. If it’s the same, however, I’ll just have to wait for the new season of Sherlock.



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