SPOTLIGHT: Dodie Clark

Dorothy Miranda “Dodie” Clark is a YouTuber from the UK, whose YouTube channel doodleoddle has almost 240,000 subscribers. She does regular YouTube vlogs, but also original music and covers.

Dodie often uses the ukulele as an instrumental to her songs. Her vocals are often quite soft and high pitched, sometimes getting a bit harsher.

Dodie created her YouTube account on February 11th 2011, and uploaded her first original song, entitled “Rain” on April 14th 2012. The song has since been viewed over six million times.

Dodie has posted many original songs and covers throughout her career, with the most popular being “She”, with over 800,000 views. Using her ukulele, she has covered songs such as “Riptide” by Vance Joy, “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift and “Roar” by Katy Perry.

Dodie went on a tour with a fellow YouTuber and musician Bry around the UK last year, and went on a tour around Australia (woo) and New Zealand earlier this year. She also went on a tour around the UK earlier this year with Bethan Leadley.

Dodie is one of my favourite YouTuber’s and musicians. Her talent is amazing, with her last video (as of writing this) featuring music made with her voice and bottles and cans of Dr. Pepper, which was truly fantastic. One of my personal favourites, “One For The Road” is also breathtaking. She is a beautiful person who deserves more popularity than she has.

Her channel: doddleoddle

Previously mentioned a cappella Dr. Pepper song

“She”, her most popular original song

“One For The Road”, my personal favourite



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