ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Surf’ by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

Give the Flak’s Rating: Rave, 8.9/10 


Many artists have been releasing new albums for free this year– Miley Cyrus recently dropped a dreadful album to torture ears that you can listen to via streaming… Wilco released the experimental “Star Wars” for free on iTunes for a limited time…. And a while back, music group, “Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment” dropped a melodic, well-crafted, neo-soul album for free on iTunes.

And it was good… Very good…. Fantastic, even… Perhaps, one could say, marvelous!

The rapping was smooth, the orchestration was wonderful, the jazzy vibe was relaxing, and in some of the more up-beat tracks, toes could be tapped. It’s one of those albums which one can instantly fall in love with, on the first listen, but find more to love on the second.

None of the rap verses felt unnatural in the songs, and the ‘n-word’ was not used excessively. Most of the lyrics in these verses were witty, and the transition from chorus-to-rap sounded surprisingly natural.

“Okay, I grew up without a chauffeur
Man, I’m talking straight out the dirt and sold fur
Only birds in my city is vultures
I mean back before I could afford a faux fur

I was off of that debt, me and my mama
Hand-me-downs was the only time I got designer man
Only class I’m passing is English and Math
I don’t know, maybe because they both got commas
Maybe because my older bro was on the honor roll
And the other one was always up in front of the honor
So I’m in the middle like the line in the divide signs”- Big Sean, “Wanna be Cool”

“Surf” is an album that would be perfect for listening on a precipitated rainy morning, while sipping a warm mug of coffee. Yes, it’s melancholy, but at the same time cheery… Bitter-sweet, like the coffee that you’re sipping (plus a sprinkle of sugar), may be the word to best describe its mood. Yet, that still doesn’t really describe its atmosphere .

On his twitter account, Donnie Trumpet stated, mimicking Kanye West’s VMA Award acceptance/pre


sidential candidate speech, “Surf is for the people not for the award shows, bro. It’s bigger than hip-hop, bro. It’s politics, bro.” Finishing the post with a #Kanyeforprez2020.

Now, though the post seems a bit unserious, I find it to be absolutely genuine… Or at least suspect it to be, for “Surf” was released for free. For the people– you and I. For everybody.

So, why not give this album a listen? Really, WHY NOT? It’s free music, and it’s fantastic. No excuses here, now. Stop trying to grope for an answer and download “Surf.”

This calm-and-upbeat album will definitely be a contender for our year-end, “Best Albums of the Year” list.



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