ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Light Up the Dark’ by Gabrielle Aplin

A year back I was listening to iTunes Radio when I came across a song called ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’ by Gabrielle Aplin. I really liked the song and decided to pick up her album, entitled ‘English Rain’.

I liked the album; it was soft and touching. However, it wasn’t something that I absolutely loved. I felt she could of tweaked something,  to make result amazing, and that was missing. (I have since listened to the album again, and it’s actually pretty good. Scratch that from your mind, thanks.) So, a few days back, I found her new album, ‘Light Up the Dark’, while scrolling through iTunes. I was worried it would be much the same as ‘English Rain’, but still intrigued, I took a listen.

The album opens up with ‘Light Up The Dark’. I was immediately aware of the change that had been made. The song has a fast beat, with a smooth piano track. It sounded different, compared to the style of her old album and I fell in love in an instant.

Next comes ‘Skeleton’, which is a beautifully produced song in which she lets her beautiful vocals shine a bit more.

Songs like ‘Heavy Heart’ have a slower, more melancholy tune to them. ‘Sweet Nothing’ has a high beat and a sort of distorted sounding production. ‘Anybody Out There,’ though more pop-py, has some excellent production.

‘Shallow Love’ has a simple guitar and drum beat to it, with distorted vocals. ‘Don’t Break Your Heart On Me’ reverts a bit back to sounding like her first album, but still has a touch of newness to it.

This album complements the complexity of her voice a lot more. Going soft in a few songs,while harsher in others; she sings lower and higher pitched notes. She also provides some beautiful backing vocals in some songs.

The lyrics themselves aren’t bad either. I never came into the album expecting mind blowing lyrics, but the ones that we got were good enough.

I enjoyed this album. The lyrics are good, the production is great and the vocals are just as great. It’s a fun album that everyone should listen to

Give The Flak Rating: 8/10, Rave



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