TV RECAP: Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 1 – ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’

Doctor Who is back! Today, Kai reviews the first episode of this season: ‘The Magician’s Apprentice.’ WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS.

The episode opens with one of the most genuinely creepy openers I have ever seen from a TV show. In a field, there are ‘hand mines’ which grab your foot and pull you under the surface. A little boy is lost in the field, and a man tries to save him, but gets caught.

The Doctor then comes to help the little boy, asking for his name. The little boy says ‘Davros’  as they cut to the title. And I was intrigued.

Davros is looking for the Doctor, sending Sarff to try to find him in many places throughout the universe.

The planes get frozen in time by none other than Missy (who sends an encrypted message in reference to ‘Hey Micky’), and she says she wishes to speak with Clara. High security is put in place as Missy and Clara have their chat.

Missy wants Clara to help her find the Doctor. She kills some guards to show that she’s ‘unlike humans’ or whatever (they could have done this is a better way) and Clara agrees to help her if she makes the planes move again. She does, and they manage to track down the Doctor in Essex in 1138.

The Doctor’s entrance is absurd. He comes in on a tank, surrounded by smoke, and playing an electric guitar. He has had a ‘three week party’ with the people from 1138, and taught them the word ‘dude’.

This is all a way for the Doctor to forget a looming inevitability: he’s convinced he will die fairly shortly. Added on top of this fear, Sarff reappears, and the Doctor is told he must face Davros again, whether he likes it or not.

As they leave, it is revealed that one person from 1138 is actually a disguised Dalek, who finds the TARDIS and contacts the other Daleks.

Clara and Missy go with the Doctor, against his will. The Doctor goes at meets Davros, whilst Clara and Missy end up in a room with the Daleks. The Daleks wish to destroy the TARDIS, and Missy tries to get on their side, before being ‘exterminated’ by them.

The Doctor pleads with Davros to order the Daleks to not kill Clara, but he tells him that he can’t, because the Daleks act on their own volition. The Daleks proceed to kill Clara, before destroying the TARDIS.

The episode ends with the Doctor returning to the little boy in the field. The little boy asks ‘are you here to save me?’ The Doctor replies ‘I’m here to save my friend’, and pulls up a Dalek gun, and then the episode ends.

The episode ends on a very interesting but obvious cliffhanger. How things will be resolved in the second episode is the interesting part, and I’m looking forward to it.



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