MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Furious 7’ is an Action Film that Falls Flat

I’m not a big fan of action films. Too many explosions, too much noise and so much happening on screen, it’s not the kind of thing that I like. At the same time, the plot is okay, but they’re never great.

The Fast and Furious movies fall into this action film category. I’ve never watched any of the series before watching it in the cinemas earlier this year, and I was forced to watch it. So, I did.

Furious 7 picks up where ‘Furious 6’ leaves off after Dominic (Vin Diesel) and his race car driving ‘family’ saved London from a terrorist. The terrorist’s brother (Jason Statham) is out to avenge his brother, and he chases Dom and his crew.

Whilst watching the movie, I had one thing that was annoying me so much; why, when people fall from a cliff a million feet in the air, do they not die? Are they literally made of steel? Are the muscles on the Rock or Vin Diesel literally lumps of solid titanium?

It takes me to reality, which is something I watch movies to escape. It’s distracting, and ruins it.

Now, I didn’t know that Paul Walker had died halfway through filming, so I thought it was weird that he was just there in some of the scenes. Not talking, just sitting in the background, being there for the sake of being there.

Since gaining the knowledge of Walker’s tragic death, I re-watched the movie, and I find Walker being in the background of every scene, never saying anything, weird.

I mean, the ending is emotional, and I would expect it would make people who had followed the series cry like a baby in the cinema. However, I wished they said their farewell to him earlier in the film, and carrying on with it, without a CG Walker lingering around.

Another thing that bugged me was the amount of times they brought up ‘family’ in the movie. They just kept banging on about it. I understand that it’s the theme of the movie, everyone being family or whatever, but it’s brought up too often.

At least not make Vin Diesel say it in is deep and sexy voice in every scene with his conclusion. Do something with that theme to make it interesting, and have a proper impact on the whole movie itself.

The writing seems weak. I mean, that scene where Dom gets trapped on the edge of a cliff, surrounded by the antagonists minions, could have been a really good story point. Instead, he drives off the edge.

That’s weak writing. It’s an escape plan. That could have been really good, but instead, he drives of a cliff, putting his life in danger. It’s this lack in imagination that the screenplay has, that disappoints me.

The movie’s long. Too long. There’s excess scenes that you could get rid of to shorten the movie. It’s feels like they just crammed extra stuff in there for the sake of it.

That movie easily could have been an hour and a half long. Maybe a bit more. Instead, it was a two hour and a half long movie that I could have lived without watching.

I wished I could have liked the movie. The action scenes, when people weren’t throwing themselves of buildings and cliffs, and occasionally being funny, were entertaining. But I couldn’t. Instead, it was an unnecessarily long, weirdly creepy, fake and unimaginitavely written movie. And I was disappointed.

Give The Flak Rating: 3/10, Flak



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