Billboard Top 5 Songs Review (week of October 10th) 

Though the Billboard hasn’t changed all THAT much, here’s our Billboard Top 5 Songs review of this week. 


1. ‘The Hills’ by The Weeknd 

‘The Hills,’ still remains number one on the charts, not changing since last week. Here’s Kai’s review of it, from our Billboard Review, last week: 

The Weeknd has been doing well on the charts, being consistent in the higher positions. ‘The Hills’ is lonelier and slower than his other song, ‘Can’t Feel My Face’, with a distorted track. The lyrics themselves aren’t bad either, and I quite enjoyed it. 

Give The Flak Rating: 7.5/10, Positive

(From last Billboard Top 5 Songs Review, Week of October 3rd. Written by KT.) 


2. ‘What Do You Mean’ by Justin Bieber 

Same as “The Hills,” “What Do You Mean” by Justin Beiber remains at number two. Here’s the review from last week: 

Justin Bieber, after his roast on Comedy Central, has cleaned up his act, and this song has come. The repetitive beat is accompanied by a nice tune, and the lyrics, while repeating much of the same things, are good. 

Give The Flak Rating: 7/10, Positive 

(From last Billboard Top 5 Songs Review, Week of October 3rd. Written by KT.) 


3. ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake 

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Climbing up to number three on the charts, “Hotline Bling” by Canadian rapper, Drake, is a song which grew on me, over the course of listening to the song. Depicting an overly-obsessive man who seems to scrutinize every action of his girl, the desperate Drake crows story-telling lyrics on top of a terrific instrumental track. But, is he really overly obsessive? Well, Drake seems to justify the reason (the girl is possibly cheating on him) with his persuasive charisma. And, after listening to the song on repeat I will proclaim myself a fan of this song, joining the mainstream.

Give the Flak Rating: Rave, 8.5/10 


4. ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ by The Weeknd

‘Can’t Feel My Face’ dropped a place, being replaced by ‘Hotline Bling.’ Here’s the review from last week:

The Weeknd has another song on this list, and I like it. Not enough that I can’t feel my face, but it’s a good time. The beat is fun to dance to, and while the lyrics don’t make a hell of a lot of sense, I like them. 

Give The Flak Rating: 7.8/10, Positive 

(From last Billboard Top 5 Songs Review, Week of October 3rd. Written by KT.) 

5. ‘679’ by Fetty Wap ft. Remy Boyz 

I really hated Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen.” I found it to be an auto-tuned mess of a hip-hop song. And his more recent, “679” is much better, but still… Not all that great. I don’t have a biased against Fetty Wap, but I can’t get into his music. “679” is more rap-centered than “Trap Queen” was, with guest verses from Remy Boyz. Listening to it, I tried to think of something to say about this song, but I couldn’t. Nothing stood out to me. It was difficult to pinpoint its flaws, and its positives. Well, perhaps that’s the major flaw of “679.” Much like Maroon 5’s “Sugar” I can’t  find much to say about this song… The song has a nice beat, with some well written rap verses, I guess. AH! It’s so frustrating, that I can’t find anything to say about the song!

Give the Flak Rating: 5/10, Mediocre 

So, that concludes our Billboard Top 5 Review, for this week!




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