In my semi-urgent rush to watch more television and film from this year for our awards (coming at the business end of this year), I was made aware of the Hannibal series of movies, books and television.

Finding out that season 3 was broadcasted this year, I started watching it earlier this week while I was sick to catch up. Since then, I have watched two episodes and have fallen in love.

The story is based upon the events in the book “Red Dragon”, starring Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal and Hugh Dancy as Will Graham. (They’re the main characters as far as I can tell.)

Firstly, the writing is really good. The story is good, never missing a beat and always having something tucked under it’s sleeve.

The cinematography is perfect, with every scene shot to absolute perfection. As someone who really loves a TV show or movie with good visuals, watching the show makes me salivate.

The acting is really good too. Mads Mikkelsen’s and Hugh Dancy’s acting is perfect, and it’s beautiful to watch.

I’m only two episodes in, and I’m already hooked. I’ll definitely write a review once I’ve finished the entire season, and I expect I’ll be giving out some high praise.



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