ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Pentatonix’ by Pentatonix 

I’ve mentioned that Pentatonix is one of my favourite bands. I’ve covered some of their music here before, I’ve seen them live and screamed so much I couldn’t speak properly for a week, and I’ve obsessed over them like a cute cat.

Their new self-titled album was something that I was a bit skeptical about it. I mean, I was excited, but their previous albums, which were almost all covers, were amazing. This new album is almost entirely original material, which means they have to pull something big out of the hat in terms of arrangements and lyrics.

We have already had a taste of their original music from this album, with “Can’t Sleep Love” being released earlier this year, which I enjoyed. So, how is the rest of the album?

This album is one of the pop genre. You can tell by the kind of lyrics that are used throughout the album. For example, in the song “Sing”: Sing, sing, sing, sing/Sing it out as hard as you can has the use of one word many times, or I don’t know what you’ve been told/But music make you lose control makes little sense, is very cheesy and leaves out important words. However, this is all things that the pop genre is kind of about, and it proves that they can write competent lyrics.

The arrangements jump around a bit. Some songs have a EDM feel, some songs have a pop-rock feel, and as it gets towards the end of the originals, the songs start sounding like something from an opera, with vocals overlapping and no beat boxing. And I enjoyed it. Every song tries something different in the arrangements, and nothing sounds the same. It keeps the album sounding fresh, and it never drops off.

This is a personal niggle, but I’m disappointed with the lack of solos from the bands female member, Kirstin. And no, this isn’t one of those Tumblr “THIS IS SEXIST” feminist complaints. It’s actually because I think she has one of the strongest voices in the band, which is proved in their “Evolution of Michael Jackson”. They obviously have a dynamic that they use, and it’s not something that destroys the album for me, but it’s a bit disappointing for me.

There’s four covers on the deluxe album: “If I Ever Fall In Love”, a cover of a 90’s a cappella song with Jason Derulo, “Where Are You Now”, “Cheerleader”, which I’ve already reviewed, and “Lean On”, which is my favourite of them all.

Overall, Pentatonix prove on this album that they are genuinely a proper pop band. It’s obvious that they don’t want to be seen as an a cappella group that’s known for covers on YouTube, but a band whose music is heard on the radio. And I think they have achieved that with this album. I don’t enjoy pop music usually, but I do really like this album. They’ve tried something new, which is something I love from artists, and it’s worked.

Give The Flak Rating: 8.5/10, Positive



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