MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Inside Out’ Gives Us a Glimpse of Human Emotions in Action 

It’s a bit late to be writing a review on this movie, but I’ll do it anyways. Here’s a quick and concise review of PIXAR’s “Inside Out.” 

Photo from a scene in Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out.” Image via The New York Times


 Give the Flak’s Rating: Rave, 9.3/10 

PIXAR has done it again! Taking a look at an young girl’s inner emotions, “Inside Out” is, to be honest, the best film I’ve seen this summer. Though the concept of the movie is more ambitious and clever than the actual action, there is still much to love in this delightful film for all-ages. Take the grandparents, take the kids… Take the snarky teenager, take the realist parents… Something about the film hits home for all age-demographics.

With its laugh-out-loud moments, and its emotional moments, “Inside Out” is all around fantastic.

Though the PIXAR signature films, “Up” and “Toy Story 3” are superior, (If I were to rate them, I’d probably give those two movies a ten, or some score around there) “Inside Out” would live up to your expectations, after reading the rave reviews by film critics.

So, what are you waiting for? Go watch “Inside Out .” (You probably already saw the film, though.)




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