MOVIES: #StarWarsJacketSpeculation – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.03.16 pm

Earlier this week, we saw the third official trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens. There’s a shot in the trailer, which you can see above, that appears to be Rey crying over a dead person. It was brought to my attention and now we have to figure out who it is.

The dead person (who may not be dead, I’m just making assumptions) is wearing a jacket. Therefore, #starwarsjacketspeculation. We’re going to take that into consideration as we go through the candidates.

Han Solo

Han Solo is rumoured to die in the Force Awakens, putting an end to Harrison Ford’s character in the series. He has a crease in his jacket that matches the crease in the jacket in the photo above, and the hair matches the grey hair of the older Han Solo.

Poe Dameron

A jacket Oscar Isaac, who plays Dameron in the film, was wearing in a behind the scenes interview from footage from Comic-Con has the same crease that you see in the trailer. However, it could just be a jacket that he owns himself. He is also rumoured to be coming back for episode 8.


Finn’s jacket has the same crease (again), but the hair doesn’t match up. Also, I wouldn’t expect him to be killed off in the Force Awakens, so he’s a bit of a loose match.

Max von Sydows character

Sydows character in the Force Awakens is yet to be revealed, however the grey hair matches up with what Sydow himself has. Also, if the dead body is his character, and we were to assume Rey is close to his character, it would most likely mirror the Luke and Obi Wan relationship of the previous films.


The fur on Chewbacca could match up with the hair in the trailer, and he has died in the since abandoned extended universe. However, I wouldn’t think that Chewbacca would be wearing a jacket (which is to say it is a jacket). If it is Chewbacca, I would expect that it would be one of Han Solo, Dameron or Finn that lays a jacket over him as their farewell.

So, they are the candidates. It’s hard to pick who it is, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to figure it out. Therefore, I shall be thinking about #StarWarsJacketSpeculation until the film comes out to answer my questions.

References: Video from YouTuber Mr. Sunday Movies, which you can watch below. He most likely does a better job of explaining than I do.



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