TV REVIEW: ‘Mr. Robinson’ is a Try-Hard Sitcom, that Fails 


Give the Flak’s Rating: Negative, 3.9/10

Boy; how awful can a TV channel get? I mean, by airing horrendous things such as “Sound of Music Live!”, “Peter Pan Live!”, “Late Night: Seth Myers” (which isn’t horrendous, but still), and the latest, “Mr. Robinson” it’s almost like a miracle that NBC’s still a thing.

Mr. Robinson, a new NBC sitcom, is a show that probably looked good on paper, but in reality, turned out to be another terrible sitcom immediately tossed into the compost heap of godforsaken TV. The show has Craig Robinson, AKA the only good thing about this show, in the main role.

Overall, the show tries too hard to be funny, and original. But, it’s neither of those things most of the time, and on a rare occasion succeeds. Some of the jokes are so bad, that I didn’t even know that it was a joke until the laughter track came in. (Which grated me even more.)

The writers of the show had little to no grasp of what High school students actually did, and every other character (including the adults) don’t speak or act like normal human beings at their age. I mean, what kind of Highschool class actually looks like they’re all super engaged in everything that the teacher makes them do. When the teacher makes the class sing, “Fancy” the whole class stands up and starts dancing… yep. That happened.



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