Courtney Barnett Live in Osaka (29th of October 2015)

We went to see Courtney Barnett earlier this week! These are some photos, video, and our opinions!

In a 10th floor bar in Osaka, 400 people came to watch Courtney Barnett, including us. She played the guitar, and was accompanied by a bass player and a drummer.

They changed up the tunes a little bit for some songs, which was cool. Her voice was good live, and the band produced some awesome audio, especially for a trio. By the way, who knew she was such a guitar player!?

It was a real rockin-roll show, and not really what we expected, after listening to her album. Still, it was a pleasant surprise.

We really enjoyed our time, and thought she sounded wonderful.





This is us with them! Plus a singed record and Kai’s mum!


This is a compilation video Kai made! Watch! Enjoy! Etc!

(please note audio sounds a bit tinny. microphone problems.)



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