Billboard Top 5 Songs Review (week of November 14th)

Wow! The charts have sure changed a lot in the past week… And now, it’s time to review them.  

  1. “Hello” by Adele 


Boy,  can she belt.

Halting her three-year-long Hiatus, Adele’s latest single, “Hello” hit number one on the charts on its debut week. Wow. Anyways, the song… It’s a power number, that’s for sure. It’s also quite melancholic and sad (which I’m not a big fan of). Slow songs usually tend to suck all of the energy out of me (except when it’s done right) and though her vocals are superior over the auto-tuned crap some artists produce, I would much rather prefer an upbeat song, over this.

Give The Flak Rating: Positive, 7.5/10


2. “Sorry” by Justin Bieber 

His songs don’t suck anymore

They don’t… Compare this to the atrocity which got his carrier going, and you’ll find how much better of an artist he has become. After releasing the decent, “What Do You Mean,” this song came along, which I was *gasp* pleasantly surprised with. Why? Well, ’cause it was actually a *gasp again* pretty good song. Now, yes, the song is as meaningless as it gets, and repetition runs amuck in its lyrics, but I *gasp once more* like this song’s fun vibe. Judging by his already-released singles, I’m going to predict that his scheduled album won’t be too shabby.

Give The Flak Rating: Positive, 7.9/10 


3. “Hotline Bling” by Drake 

dropped a spot, but still going strong 

The song has come down from second spot to third. Here’s the review of the song from the week of October 10th:

“Hotline Bling” by Canadian rapper, Drake, is a song which grew on me, over the course of listening to the song. Depicting an overly-obsessive man who seems to scrutinize every action of his girl, the desperate Drake crows story-telling lyrics on top of a terrific instrumental track. (To put it mildly). But, is he really overly obsessive? Well, Drake seems to justify the reason (she travels lots, and might be cheating on him?) with his persuasive charisma. And, after listening to the song on repeat I will proclaim myself a fan of this song, joining the mainstream.

Give the Flak Rating: Rave, 8.5/10 

(From Billboard Top 5 Songs Review, week of November 7th. Written by TJ.) 


4. “The Hills” by The Weeknd 

first, first, skip a few, fourth 

Here’s Kai’s review of the song from the week of October 3rd:

The Weeknd has been doing well on the charts, being consistent in the higher positions. ‘The Hills’ is lonelier and slower than his other song, ‘Can’t Feel My Face’, with a distorted track. The lyrics themselves aren’t bad either, and I quite enjoyed it.

Give The Flak Rating: 7.5/10, Positive

(From last Billboard Top 5 Songs Review, Week of October 3rd. Written by KT.)


5. “What Do You Mean?” by Justin Bieber 

cleanin’ up his act 

Here’s our review from October 3rd.

Justin Bieber, after his roast on Comedy Central, has cleaned up his act, and this song has come. The repetitive beat is accompanied by a nice tune, and the lyrics, while repeating much of the same things, are good. 

Give the Flak Rating: Positive, 7/10 

(From last Billboard Top 5 Songs Review, Week of October 3rd. Written by KT.)


…And that’s it! I feel generous for giving out such good scores. Thanks for reading.

– “Hello,” “Sorry,” and “Hotline Bling” reviews by TJ

“The Hills” and “What Do You Mean” reviews by KT


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