ALBUM REVIEW: “Made In The A.M.” by One Direction

Photo of the members of One Direction, courtesy of Billboard

Give The Flak Rating: 6/10, Mediocre

All the teenage girls in the world will love it, but it’s not an album I love

The biggest boy band in the world, One Direction, have release their first album since the exit of former band member, Zayn Malik, and their last album before their hiatus. We’ve had a sneak peak at two of the singles already, but how does the rest of the album stack up.

This album tries a few different things, such as a jazz song in “Olivia,” a soulful piano in “If I Could Fly,” and a bit of an indie type feel throughout, all whilst sticking to their usual pop punk.

Lyrics aren’t bad. They’re just traditional pop lyrics really, nothing special, and nothing more than I was expecting. They stay fairly innocent, too, but still has a few nods to breakup sex and one-night stands.

One Direction have never been the strongest in the vocals category, and this is no different. With Malik gone, who was the bands strongest singer, it leaves Harry Styles and Liam Payne to do a majority of the work, and whilst they’re fine vocally, it still something that’s missing.

This album isn’t disappointing, nor is it appeasing. All the teenage girls in the world will love it for sure, but it’s not an album I love. I bid farewell to One Direction (for now), with no feelings whatsoever.



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