SONG REVIEW: ‘Fade Away’ by Logic

Photo via Lollapalooza

Give The Flak Rating: 8/10 

And now, a lively song about death…

“Fade away is about accepting death and that one day we will all go so be sure to do something for YOURSELF before you check out!!!” said the rapper, Logic on twitter before dropping the track, “Fade Away” on November 6th. And on “Fade Away” Logic goes as far as to articulating the details of life’s grand finale, saying “maybe it’ll happen on a monday/drop into work and get hit by a Hyundai, f***k it, let it all go one day.” 

Now, coping with death is not as easy as ABC, (in fact not easy at all) with all of the tears whilst mourning, but Logic portrays it in an “oh well, nothing to do about it” manner, which is kinda humorous at times. Though the track deals with death, it’s energetic and lively, and he tells you that it’s bound to happen someday, so live life up to the fullest before your last breath.

While not condoning death, Logic conveys his unique perspective in an impressive and thought-provoking way.

For example, Logic, after talking about getting hit by the Hyundai on a monday,  raps some excellent lyrics. “I know, I’mma get it like this,” he says, “living that life while they all reminisce/Never regretted, the second I said it I feel like I’m smarter, I read it on Reddit/You’re f***ing pathetic, my etiquette murder ya predicate, b***h I’m ahead of it, yeah/ Yes, I’mma die but I don’t wonder why in the hell I’mma ride in the dead of it, yeah.” 




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