TV REVIEW: “Please Like Me”

Series 3 cast of “Please Like Me.” Courtesy of ABCTV

Give The Flak Rating: 9.5/10, Rave

The show beautifully combines a sharp and quick wit, with sad, emotional situations

I’ve never been the biggest fan of romantic dramas on television. They’re usually boring to me, with some of the cheesiest lines that have ever been written that make me cringe. But hey, some people like them, and they will stay around until the end of time. However, I like Josh Thomas, and he made this, so I gave it a chance.

“Please Like Me” is an Australian TV show made by comedian Josh Thomas, who writes, directs (occasionally), and stars in the show. It takes on issues about homosexuality, romantic relationships, family and friends, all the while being witty and funny.

I spent the first paragraph talking about how I’m not a big fan of romantic dramas, and this is a bit of a romantic drama. Like a romantic-comedy drama television show. I’m still not a big fan of romantic dramas, but this is my favourite TV show this year.

The show approaches LGBT and mental illness in a way I’ve never seen a TV show of this type. They don’t shy away from being censored about these topics, either. It openly shows gay kissing and sex scenes, and bluntly showing the affects of mental illness, with suicidal happenings and panic attacks being shown.

The show is also cruel with the way it does it’s emotional scenes. You usually get a nice dose of wit and humour before you hit a wall of sadness. I hate it, but I love it. It’s beautifully done and I’ve never seen anything better.

The show combines a sharp wit with a sad, emotional situations. As soon as I watched the first episode of series 3, I fell in love, and proceeded to watch every available episode in three days. In those three days, it has become my TV show of the year, and I highly suggest you watch it.



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