SONG REVIEW: “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber

Music video for “Love Yourself,” courtesy of JustinBeiberVEVO on YouTube. 

Give The Flak Rating: 6.8/10, Positive

A Change in Style… Again.

Ever since his release of the “little-known” R&B album, “Journals,” many people were noting that Justin Bieber’s music style had changed. However, due to the notoriety of the teen heart-throb at that time, the album wasn’t picked up and listened to by many, so it wasn’t until the release of, “What Do You Mean,” that the entire world noticed his change in musical style. People compared the song to “Baby” or “Beauty and the Beat” era Bieber, and stated that “What Do You Mean” was a more danceable, less-annoying, and all around better song than anything he’d done before. People who despised him, started to actually like this tropical-house Bieber, and he was seen by the public eye, maybe for the first time in his life, as an actual artist. He later released “Sorry,” which was praised as much as “What Do You Mean,” and had the same kind of tropical-house feel.

So, before listening to “Love Yourself” I was expecting the same sort of sound or style as his two previous singles… But I was wrong. “Love Yourself” is a more intimate, vocal-centered and singer-songwriter-ish song than anything he had ever done before. The song is reminiscent of Ed Sheeran’s music, but that’s probably because Sheeran was one of the writers of the song. It’s not as dry and dull as “Think Out loud,” though. The melody is sweet and the lyrics aren’t awful, although a bit repetitive and corny. (Still, there’s no “and the crowds don’t remember my name.”) “Love Yourself” is a totally different style for the pop-singer, and although I don’t love it or think that he should go into this style of music, I always appreciate artists who try something new. Keep in mind, I’m not a belieber.



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