TV REVIEW: “Sammy J And Randy In Ricketts Lane”

Promotional banner on ABCTV website. Image courtesy of ABCTV

Give The Flak Rating: 9/10, Rave

Comedy, music and Sammy J and Randy are some of my favourite things, and they’re all put together in a TV show. How good?!

Comedy and music are two of my favourite things. I love musical comedy, because I think it’s absolutely brilliant. The Australian musical comedy duo, Sammy J and Randy, have always been one of my favourites, and now they have a TV show. How good?!

“Sammy J And Randy In Ricketts Lane” is an Australian musical comedy TV sitcom about two mismatched housemates from the acclaimed comedic duo, Sammy J – a human – and Randy – a purple puppet. It is based upon the stage show of the same name created by the duo. I’ve always really enjoyed their comedy, so the idea of a sitcom made by them was very appealing.

The duo has some brilliant on-screen chemistry, and is mixed with some hilarious comedy that can often be rather rude, which makes some great moments. This carries on to the music, which lives up to their songs they perform on stage.

I really like this TV show, and I recommend it.



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