GIVE THE FLAK AWARDS: Best of Music 2015 – Albums

These are the albums we think were best this year! Ones that didn’t get flak! In no particular order!

“To Pimp a Butterfly” by Kendrick Lamar5c45787f8bcd449a46bc3d1b50e65cc8.640x640x1

Kai’s Album of the Year Runner-Up
Tyus’s Album of the Year 

With each listen, new depths can be discovered in the magnificent, “To Pimp a Butterfly.” The album could easily stand directly next to other critically acclaimed hip-hop albums, such as “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” (Actually, I’d go as far as to say that I found Butterfly to be a better album than Twisted Fantasy). With this album, Kendrick Lamar has left an imprint on this decade of rap music, and has become comfortable with his significant style. The album really isn’t an easy listen, but giving it a try would be worth it… I assure you. -TJ

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“Cry Baby” by Melanie Martinez


We saw Melanie Martinez on iTunes when we were looking for bad music to give a bad review. Instead, we were greeted with this piece of magnificence. The lyrics are blissful, with a weird childish feel to them. The production is some of the best we’ve ever heard, and we can’t wait to hear more from her. -KT

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“Ratchet” by Shamir


Tyus’s Album of the Year Run-up 

“See there’s my crown on the mantle, and if you try to touch it, yes, there will be scandal,” states Shamir on his exhilarating single, “On the Regular.” And on his mantle, it would come as no surprise if Shamir’s crown was “Ratchet”; the wonderful debut album that dropped on late May, this year. Full of snappy lines, and gummy beats, there’s no denying that Shamir has made himself the King of 2015 dance/electronic music with this album. “Ratchet” and its ten terrific tracks, is actually hard to get tired of.. And that’s coming from me, who listened to this gem more times than I would like to admit. -TJ

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“Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit” by Courtney Barnett


Kai’s Album of the Year
Courtney Barnett came out with her first LP this year, and we loved it. Her witty lyrics are absolutely amazing and the rock tunes that come from the album are just as fantastic. This is an album that we would recommend to anyone, despite the music taste, because it is just that good. -KT 

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“M3LL15X” by FKA twigs

With its odd title and provocative album artwork, the latest EP by FKA twigs is a mind jumbling, confused, and ambient album, that is somehow running full-speed-ahead. With one listen, it sounds like a hot-mess of beats and beeps, but after a few listens, you may understand why the album is truly a work of art. It’s unique, weird, and dark… Not everybody will like this album, but at its short length of 18-minutes, everybody should give the EP at least one listen. However, if you are easily frightened, I wouldn’t suggest watching the brilliantly infernal music-video. -TJ 


“Surf” by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment


With contributions from 57 different artists, “Surf” by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment makes a wonderful 52 minutes. Filled with beautiful melodies, along with witty and clever lyrics, this neo-soul (actually, it infuses a lot more styles) album is just plain gorgeous. The album is free to download on iTunes, so there’s nothing much to wait for! -TJ

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“Light Up the Dark” by Gabrielle Aplin


In Gabrielle Aplin’s second LP, she tried something different and it paid off. She tried a more rock-type sound, which worked, and she let her voice shine a lot more, which also worked. It is an album that’s really enjoyable, and is practically candy for the ears. -KT 

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“Blue Neighbourhood” by Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan released his first LP this year, and I really like it. I did a positive review on his EP “WILD” (which is practically half of this album, which is why I didn’t do a review on it), and I would say this one is a rave. He sets a different image on the pop genre, with some really good lyrics, and if all pop was like this it would be one of my favourite genres. -KT

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That is it! What are your favourite albums of the year? Let us know by leaving a comment on this post, emailing us at, or tweet us @kaiandtyus!

-KT & TJ


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