We’re Back! Special Announcements!

Hello ladies and gentleman! We’re back! How was your Christmas? How was your New Years? What are your New Years Resolution? Other questions to fill space!

We’ve had a break from writing and editing for a while and are ready to get right back into it. We also have some things to announce, so this is the post for that!

  1. New Logo!

give the flak logo

Kai made a new logo! Looks a bit more professional, and sexy.

2. New Blog!

pizap.com14462911424781We are launching a brand new blog! It’s called the Teen Low-Down, where we, as teens, talk about different problems that affect our society. We will be posting on there every Wednesday, and you should check it out here.

3. More Podcasts (hopefully)

give the flak podcast cover

We started doing podcasts in 2015, and we did a couple but could never strike a certain type of podcast we would like to do. We will probably do a bit of experimenting with it, seeing what kind of stuff works, and what doesn’t. Look out for that!


That’s it! We’re planning some other things that we’ll tell you about later in the year… maybe. We start posting again tomorrow! GET HYPED!



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