SPOTLIGHT: “Subject to Change”

Opening title for “Subject to Change”/courtesy of

Nowadays, there’s a place for shows and movies that explore current issues in society, such as women’s rights and sexuality. (We explore some of these issues on our other blog, The Teen Low-Down. Shameless plug.) This show, called “Subject to Change”, does exactly that.

The show is set in a school in Australia, and focuses upon three friends and their issues with their bodies and sexual orientations among other things.

They recently released a pilot on YouTube, which you can watch here or below.

The show feels a lot more believable than other shows set in school, since the actors and actresses are (or at least seem to be) teenagers, and there’s a lot of school banter which helps to this. It’s a really good pilot, too, as you get to understand the characters and ends on an interesting cliffhanger.



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