In our lives, we spend a lot of time watching and listening to various types of entertainment. From music to movies, TV to theatre, it took up a lot of our lives.

We spent so much time doing this it wasn’t funny. Our entire lives were spent listening to music, obsessing over actors from TV shows, watching the same movie five times and scrolling through IMDB instead of watching what’s on screen.

However, not all of the things that we were consuming were good. A lot of them were bad. Bad to the point of vomiting. Bad to the point of sheer anger. And we had no way to express this anger.

So that’s why we started this blog. We positively review the things we think are great, and tear the living daylights out of things that we think are bad, and need to be given the flak.

We post every Saturday and Sunday, with occasional articles throughout the week, at 12:00 JST (Japan Standard Time). We release a podcast every Monday, entitled “The Give The Flak Podcast.” You can read more about that here.

We have an RSS feed, too. Check it out here.

We have another blog! It’s called “The Teen Low-Down”, and there we talk about topical world issues from our teenage point of view! Check it out here.

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